Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) is using an NFC smart card as a VIP gift card – to protect free

e-tickets, coupons, and exclusive itinerary for their VIP guests.

The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) collaborated with META for an exclusive event, extending invitations to 20 prominent influencers from across Asia Pacific.

The primary aim of this initiative was to harness the influencers' reach to spotlight Hong Kong's vibrant nightlife scenes.

To facilitate their experience, HKTB introduced the NFCcard.io smart card as a secured VIP pass.

With a simple tap and passcode login, influencers gain access to a wealth of exclusive offers, curated itineraries, and the hottest spots in Hong Kong, enhancing their ability to showcase the city's dynamic nightlife to their audiences across the world.

“For this occasion, where we're hosting a group of young influencers, we wanted to depart from the conventional approach of handing out paper coupons and souvenirs to our VIPs. We aspire to present something modern that not only reflects Hong Kong's essence but also stands out as unique and

– Nancy, The Senior Manager of Digital Marketing

Elevate Security

By implementing password-protected access, VIPs found reassurance in knowing that their exclusive privileges were securely guarded, thereby heightening their feelings of exclusivity and privilege.

With just a simple tap and password input, they could effortlessly access their e-coupons and the comprehensive three-day itinerary, ensuring a
seamless and personalized experience.

Personalized Luxury

The Hong Kong Tourism Board crafted bespoke NFC card packaging, aligning with their signature red and white theme.

For this event, they designed personalized packaging, opting for sleek gun silver x champagne gold Titanium NFC cards for their VIPs. Each Titanium card featured the VIP's name and Instagram ID, adding a premium and distinctive touch to the experience.

Structured for Clarity

Ensuring a seamless VIP experience, clarity is paramount.

Upon tapping the card, VIPs encounter three distinct sections, each aligned with the event's key elements:

  1. The detailed three-day itinerary.
  2. Curated recommendations for Hong Kong's finest restaurants.
  3. Highlights of the city's best nighttime activities.

"Impressed by this innovative experience. It's refreshing to see a brand embrace digital technology in a captivating way. The interactive elements not only showcase the vibrant spirit of our city but also resonate perfectly with our tech-savvy VIPs. A journey that our guests will remember long after they've left Hong Kong."

– Alex, Senior Social Media Strategist

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