Digital transformation with style

We can do so much more than just making a smart business card.

Upgrade your team member's branding with our proprietary designed and developed in-house NFC cards, engage you audience with a new mobile and SEO optimized mini-websites, exchange contacts through over 15 social media platforms, leverage Big-Data power with our state-of-the-art Facebook API and Google Analytics 4 integration, and more

Do all this, while helping the world to save the trees. What are you waiting for?

Enhance Corporate Social Responsibility

Invest in the future with our eco-friendly products that are built to last. By lowering the need for paper cards and reduce your environmental impact.

It reflects your company's commitment to sustainability and giving you an edge over competitors who still rely on traditional business cards.

Elevate Your Brand with Class and Tech

Our NFC cards are developed in-house to provide you with the best brand presentation possible.

From the selection of materials to the application of nano-paint coating, we painstakingly invest our efforts because we understand the importance of the 1st impression.

Enjoy the wow-factor of NFC business cards with watchmaker level exquisite craftsmanship.

Seamless, app-free, easy to use dashboard

You won't need your IT team to install any apps. You also won't need to find developers for your digital name cards.

Our complete suite comes with a step-by-step template builder and team contact management.

Enter your team's contact information, upload a few photos, then you are ready to go

  • 15+ social media platform integration and counting

    Our Android and iOS compatible digital name card is fully integrated with 15+ social media channels. Whether you want to connect with Whatsapp in Hong Kong, LINE in taiwan, or even Zalo in Vietnam, we got you covered.

  • Leverage Big-Data with Meta (Facebook, Instagram, Threads and Whatsapp) and Google

    Our enterprise solution features the latest Facebook API and Google Analytics 4 integration. This will grant you access to real-time data and powerful tools such as Google Signals.

  • Reach out, and re-engage your customers

    With privacy respecting tracking technology by META and Google, you will be able to target social media ads to audience who engaged with your team members through our NFC cards and QR codes.

  • Individual


    Just pay for the cards. Bulk order discounts available.

    Key features
    • Personal online contact min-website builder with themes and infinite design possibilities.
    • No apps needed, iOS and Android compatible.
    • Optimized for face-to-face information sharing, NFC business card applications and online networking.
    • Guided tutorial to create your professional profile within minutes.
    • Professional images and photos by Unsplash for your beautiful personal website
    • Fully integrated with 15+ international social media platforms
    • Online video playback support (YouTube, Wistia and Vimeo)
    • Contact lock feature to protect your information from bots.
  • Pro (Coming soon)

    US$ 1.99 monthly

    Level up your 1st impression.

    Key features
    • All of Individual Plan features
    • Custom code injection for added functionality (dropbox, calendarly, google drive, online forms, video playback and more)
    • Customizable social media / chat sharing image and description
    • Customizable automatic greeting message when using chat services
    • Customizable SEO title, description and images
      Support multiple Connect with Chat feature
    • Facebook API integration
      Data insights leveraging Google GA4 integration
  • Enterprise

    Around US$ 1.99 - 2.49 monthly per member (request quote below)

    Upgrade your face-to-face interaction company wide. NFC Card discounts available.

    Key features
    • All of the Individual and Pro Plan features.
    • Enterprise dashboard for member's contact management and analytics setup
    • Support on Facebook/Instagram and Google ads retargetting and dashboard setup
    • Enterprise mini-site - full featured mini-website builder for a Facebook and Google trackable link-in-bio
    • Enterprise template and members login for easy content editing and members to input their own relevant information
    • Priority technical support (including mini-website building consultation and marketing setup)

Why Choose Our NFC Enterprise Plan?

Full feature admin dashboard

The Enterprise admin dashboard will allow your admin to change the website, modify the templates and update member information within minutes.

This dashboard will also open up new functionality for our cards, like employee service quality review, WhatsApp chatbot integration and more.

Re-engage your customer and leads

Meet someone, and then they might see your targeted advertisements afterwards.

With our META and Google's privacy respecting tracking, we can help you with reaching back out to the people you meet.

Enterprise level security setup

We believe security is your top priority, and ours in today's increasingly digital world.

Any contact information online is subjected to data risks; let us help you mitigate the risks but implementing the right setup for your company to balance between accessibility and security.

Priority bandwidth and high-speed access

We have designed the system to be optimized balancing presentation and load-speed on first impression.

Our team will help you so that you can enjoy the best experience with our infrastructure.

Priority Technical Support

We have created a powerful tool. Let us help you use it.

Key support areas:

  • Setting up and deploying.
  • Mini-websites, digital contact card and link-in-bio design best practices
  • Big-data tracking setup and utilization
  • Custom code injection for your company's unique use cases
  • and more.

Custom setup for your need

NFC card is a technology with huge possibilities. We've helped companies to use their cards for all purposes, from business name cards to retail store O2O interface, and even VIP gifts and branded souvenirs.

Reach out to us to find out more how you can leverage NFC technology for your business.

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