Next-gen NFC business cards

Do so much more than just tapping and sharing phone numbers.
Tell your stories, share your passion, present your mobile optimized personal portfolio for the best presentation of yourself.

  • One Card. Share everything.

    With our NFC smart card you can quickly switch between sharing of different links:

    A Personal Profile Mini-site by
    Share your contact, digital profile, social media, and more. Tell your story and make an impression.

    Direct WhatsApp chat
    Scan the card and initiate WhatsApp connection immediately

    Social Media Profiles
    Share your LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and more with a tap

    Any links
    Redirect your NFC card to any website, or even share cloud files with a link. You can also redirect your smart card to your digital name card by other card makers (V1CE, 1 good card, Popl, Mobilo, and more)

Explore our designs

Premium presentation

Stainless steel business card with watchmaking grade craftsmanship. The brushed surface finish contrast beautifully with the polished edges.

The most impressive stainless steel business card yet.

Beautiful Personal Mini-Website

Create beautiful mini-sites to share contact information, tell your story and make an impression. Powered by

Amazing for teams

Leverage our Enterprise Tools to digitally transform how your team members make their first impressions.

Compatible with 15+ social media channels. META and Google Big-Data integration.

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