How to protect your personal information with a digital business card.

The weakest link to digital business card security is usually on how the card is being used.

For example, each of our NFC card link has 17-character encryption in the URL. But if Joe share his card's QR code in a presentation that happens to be recorded, then even the best encryption won't matter.

Therefore, just like traditional paper business cards, we recommend using it with contact information that you are ready to distribute and follow our guide below on how to make full use of the digital business card securely.

Trust a secure storage

Make sure your data is stored on a secure cloud storage. Small private servers are not necessarily a good option.

We use international industry standard AWC Cognito for user identity management. The user data is stored on AWS DynamoDB and is encrypted at rest.

Even more secure options are available, but these are usually at the cost of usability and speed of access. Please contact our team for details.

Leverage our public/secure profile feature

There are times when you want to share something to a room full of people. But at the same time, you may not want to give your phone number to everyone present.

We have designed our system to take care of both; if you use the short link (<username>) your contact information will be encrypted. Your NFC card (with 17-digit character encryption) will link to the version with your contact information.

If someone were to brute-force hack your profile, it will take them thousands of years.

Deactivate the card if you lost it.

Unlike paper business cards, (one of the most common way to have your information leaked), in the event of a lost card, you can deactivate the card remotely immediately from our admin dashboard.

You will keep the digital profile / landing page even after you deactivate the card. You can then bind a new card to your profile afterwards.

Do not make your personal page searchable.

While it is extremely useful for business profile pages and link-in-bio pages to show up in Google Search, for personal contact cards it is much better to hide yourself from the search engines.

It is always a better idea to not be a target in the first place, than to defend after becoming a target of hacking.

We care about protecting your information.

Little things such as HTTPS, 2FA, and even length of url parameters affects the security of your personal information.

We will do our best to protect your information. Let us worry about the details.

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