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Black wooden Card Layout 2

Black wooden Card Layout 2

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NFC Smart Business Card

This wooden smart card utilizes NXP NTAG chips. With a much larger antenna, this smart card scans significantly easier than most metal NFC cards and tags. Our premium stainless steel NFC cards have a proprietary antenna design so they function just as well as other coin-sized NFC tags. You can check them out here.

This proprietary smart card has been surface treated to enable beautiful precision customization. Design your personalized smart business card today.

Key Specifications

  • Card: Proprietary wooden NFC smart business card with surface treatment
  • NFC Chip: NTAG chip by NXP
  • Customization: High-resolution laser precision etching
  • Card Antenna Placement: Large antenna spanning most of the card
  • Failsafe: QR Code included for dated smartphones
  • Compatibility: All iOS and Android devices with modern NFC support. No App required
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  • Making a STRONG impression using an NFC business card

    There are three main components to networking successfully using your NFC smart business card

    The "Scan" Experience
    The scanning experience of the NFC chip can be very impressive. If the other person's phone doesn't have NFC capability, use the QR code instead.

    What you share
    We think a mobile-optimized personal mini-website works best (we recommend This will allow you to tell your story and share your branding within seconds.

    Saving to your new friend's phone
    iPhones can save the numbers directly to the phonebook, but we still recommend the "Connect with Chat" feature, as that will initiate a chat and share your story, instead of just having your phone number in the other person's phone book along with thousands of other contacts. Additionally, this feature is both Android and iPhone friendly. PVC NFC card vs other custom PVC cards

Quality Customization

Our PVC NFC Smart Business Cards are surface treated for a premium look and feel.

We have fine tuned our customization process to be laser precise. This way we can beautifully represent your unique designs.